Sunday’s here again and it’s a blustery one!

imageHi, hope I find you all well on this blustery, cool Sunday. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks as I’ve had my 4 yr old granddaughter from Berkshire stay with me then last Tuesday I took her back, stayed for a couple of days then drove home Friday. My advice to any of you who are thinking of travelling on the M1 to be prepared for delays, on my way back it was stop start all the way!! Very annoying!  It’s very quiet here at Laineyb towers now my little chatterbox has gone home. However, the littlies have managed to share something with me ……. a sore throat and runny nose 😗!

Todays project is the Christening Invitations I have made for the littlies special day in September. I’m available to make any invitations etc that you may require if you want to discuss your requirements please get in touch. Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday and keep warm.


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